Easy-to-use, minimal prep!

Chalk Paint® is the world's best furniture paint. Annie Sloan invented her revolutionary furniture paint, Chalk Paint®, in 1990 and hasn’t stopped refining and improving her formula since. There's no need for priming or sanding. Chalk Paint® is as easy-to-use as opening the tin, dipping your brush, and applying paint to furniture!

SIMPLE AS 1, 2, 3!


step ONE:

Make sure your surface is clean and degreased. Lightly sand with fine sand paper if glossy (laminate, melamine, veneer), rusty or chipping.

step two:

Paint first coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP), let dry. Paint additional coats for desired look and technique, let completely dry. 

If you distress use fine sand paper, lightly dust.  

step three:

Gently “work” the wax into your ASCP using a brush or lint-free rag. Remove the excess wax with a clean cloth. Less is more, don’t apply 

the wax too thickly. Leave the wax to dry for a minimum 20 min to 24 hours before buffing with a clean, lint-free cloth, the more you buff the smoother the surface. After you’ve buffed, the wax will be dry to 

the touch. The “curing” process can take from 5 to 21 days, depending on ambient temperature. Always apply a coat of clear ASCP wax before you apply colored waxes, this will allow you to control the color.


What is Chalk Paint?


Chalk Paint® is different. It is not simply paint with chalk added to it. It is not chalkboard paint. It is not made by adding plaster of Paris or grout or even baking soda to an existing paint. Chalk Paint® is the unique decorative paint Annie Sloan developed for furniture, cabinets and floors, drawing on a lifetime of research and experience in working with paint and colour. Chalk Paint® adheres to most surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, brass and more.

Chalk Paint® is a non-toxic, water-based paint that is lead-free, EG-free, odor-free and has very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There is only one Chalk Paint® but it offers endless possibilities

Annie sloan brushes


Annie Sloan's bristle Chalk Paint® Brushes are perfect for producing a textured, vintage finish. The bristles are strong, yet pliable, and are made of predominately pure bristle with natural split ends, allowing you to paint expressively. They hold a large amount of paint and can also be used for applying wax.

Annie Sloan's bespoke Chalk Paint® Wax Brushes are made of predominately pure bristle with natural split ends. They feature ergonomically shaped handles for the effortless application of finishing coats of wax onto painted surfaces. They are shaped to a point to assist with working wax into intricate, detailed areas and tight corners.

Annie Sloan Waxes


Annie Sloan Waxes are the perfect partner for Chalk Paint®.  Her waxes are used for protection and durability and to give a beautiful mellow finish to painted furniture, cabinets, and walls. You can easily apply one or two coats of wax with a brush or cloth. It has the consistency of soft margarine and has very little odor.

Annie Sloan Waxes combine the best of synthetic and natural ingredients, including beeswax, natural resin, synthetic waxes, and mineral waxes. They are available in White, Black, Clear and Dark formulations, and can even be further colored with Chalk Paint®. Her waxes are water-repellent, too.

gilding wax


Add a metallic touch to your painted furniture with Annie Sloan Gilding Wax. Apply to ornate carvings and mouldings to enhance texture and detailing, or use with your favourite Annie Sloan Stencil to create gilded shapes, lines and designs. Can be applied with a lint-free cloth or a brush.

Comes in 15ml tubes. Colors: Warm Gold, Bright Gold, Bright Silver, Dark Silver and Copper.

Watch our how-to video to discover more here! 



Chalk Paint® Lacquer is a robust, matt varnish with a very slight sheen for added strength. It goes on perfectly clear and dries quickly. Use it over Chalk Paint® paint on surfaces that will see a lot of wear – such as floors and stairs. For best results, apply two coats. To maintain your finish, use mild soapy water and avoid harsh chemicals. Not suitable for areas of high water use such as bathrooms. Not suitable for outdoor use.

Available in 1 liter.

More information - including Health & Safety

sanding pads


Annie Sloan's Sanding Pads come in packs of three, with one pad of each grade - fine, medium and coarse.

The fine pad can be used for light distressing or flat finishes, and for a delicate worn effect you can use the medium grade pad. If you prefer a rustic heavily distressed look the coarse pad will help make stunning results easy to achieve.

They have been carefully chosen by Annie as they are washable, flexible, durable, reusable and a pleasure to use.